Voice of America Project

Delano, California


Standard Demolition is currently engaged in a significant project for the City of Delano, involving the demolition of the historic Voice of America Transmission Facility. This expansive site, featuring multiple towers with some reaching heights of up to 400 feet, presents unique challenges that demand strategic planning and meticulous execution to ensure safety and efficiency throughout the project.


  • Safely demolish the large-scale Voice of America facility, including its towering structures.
  • Implement a strategic demolition plan to tackle the complexities of the tall radio towers.
  • Ensure a tidy and well-managed job site, avoiding the spread of materials and debris.
  • Complete the project efficiently while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Key Tasks:

  1. Comprehensive Site Analysis: Conducted a thorough evaluation to plan the safest and most efficient approach for the demolition of the tall structures.
  2. Strategic Tower Demolition: Utilized specialized techniques and equipment to safely dismantle the towering structures, ensuring controlled and precise demolition.
  3. Debris and Material Management: Implemented rigorous site management protocols to keep the area clean and orderly, ensuring all materials are appropriately handled and recycled where possible.
  4. Timely Progress Monitoring: Continuously monitored the project’s progress to adhere to the timeline, adjusting strategies as needed to maintain efficiency.

Safety Measures:

  • Maintained strict adherence to safety protocols, with special focus given the height and complexity of the radio towers.
  • Ensured all operations were conducted in compliance with local and state regulations, prioritizing the safety of our team and the community.

Challenges and Solutions:

  • Addressed the logistical challenges of managing a large and sprawling site, implementing effective strategies to keep the area clean and organized.
  • Devised and executed a strategic approach for the safe and efficient demolition of the high towers, utilizing innovative methods to manage such towering structures.

Project Details


November, 2023


City Of Delano

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