Ventura County Star Project

Ventura, California


Standard Demolition was awarded the contract for the demolition of the building previously utilized by the Ventura County Star. This project was a crucial step in making way for the construction of a new VA clinic. Located adjacent to a busy freeway, the project demanded meticulous planning and execution, particularly in managing environmental impact and ensuring safety.


  • Demolish the existing concrete building, including all concrete footings and asphalt pavement on the site.
  • Crush all demolished material on-site for reuse in the construction of the new VA clinic.
  • Implement effective dust control measures, considering the proximity to the freeway.
  • Ensure the project is completed efficiently, safely, and with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

Key Tasks:

  1. Building and Pavement Demolition: Carefully demolished the building and pavement, employing precision techniques to ensure safety and efficiency.
  2. Material Processing: Crushed and processed all demolition materials on-site, preparing them for use in the new construction.
  3. Dust Control Implementation: Applied robust dust control measures to minimize environmental impact, especially given the proximity to the freeway.
  4. Site Clearance and Preparation: Cleared and prepared the site post-demolition for the subsequent construction phase.

Safety Measures:

  • Adhered strictly to safety protocols, with extra precautions taken due to the project’s location next to a busy freeway.
  • Maintained open communication with local authorities to ensure compliance with all regulations and to minimize impact on traffic and local residents.

Challenges and Solutions:

  • Addressed the challenge of working in a high-traffic area, implementing strategies to manage dust and debris effectively.
  • Ensured the demolition process was aligned with the requirements for the subsequent construction of the VA clinic, particularly in material processing and site preparation.

Project Details


January, 2021

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