Vandenberg Air Force Base Project

Vandenberg AFB, California


Standard Demolition was contracted for the challenging task of dismantling the Titan IV missile silo at Vandenberg AFB, California. This project presented unique complexities, requiring strategic planning and precision due to the silo’s immense height and structural intricacies. Our team skillfully managed these challenges, showcasing our proficiency in handling high-risk, high-profile demolition projects.


  • Safely and efficiently dismantle the Titan IV missile silo, a towering and structurally complex facility.
  • Implement strategic demolition methods to manage the inherent risks associated with the silo’s height and design.
  • Coordinate closely with Vandenberg AFB officials to ensure compliance with all military regulations and safety protocols.
  • Minimize environmental impact and ensure thorough site clearance post-demolition.

Key Tasks:

  1. Risk Assessment and Planning: Conducted an in-depth risk assessment to devise a tailored demolition strategy that addressed the unique challenges of the missile silo.
  2. Precision Demolition: Employed precision demolition techniques to systematically deconstruct the silo, ensuring stability and safety throughout the process.
  3. Debris Management: Meticulously managed and processed demolition debris, prioritizing recycling and environmentally responsible disposal.
  4. Site Safety Measures: Implemented rigorous safety measures, including specialized equipment and techniques, to protect our crew and the surrounding areas.
  5. Final Site Clearance: Ensured the complete clearance of the site, leaving it safe and suitable for future use by the Air Force Base.

Safety and Compliance:

  • Strictly adhered to safety regulations and protocols, setting a high standard for demolition safety in sensitive military environments.
  • Coordinated with Vandenberg AFB to ensure all activities were in line with military requirements and environmental guidelines.

Challenges and Innovations:

  • Overcame significant challenges related to the silo’s height and structural design, employing innovative demolition methods.
  • Demonstrated the ability to adapt and respond to unforeseen complications, ensuring the project’s successful and timely completion.

Project Details


August, 2011


Vandenburg AFB

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